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Recent survey data shows that hearing aid users with older technology are less satisfied with their hearing aids.In a clinical performance test, 74% of users surveyed preferred Alpha over their previous Bernafon hearing aid.1 And Alpha was shown to deliver a 20% improvement in speech understanding in noise.3

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Bernafon Alpha user reviews

Hearing aid users report their experience with Bernafon Alpha. Read how Jean Marc and Rita Nigg travel around the world in their mobile home. Or watch the hearing aid testimonial video of Frits. The hobby tennis player from the Netherlands says why Bernafon Alpha was the right choice for him.

Alpha reviews

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Portable Charger Plus

The Charger Plus is a perfect accessory to further promote Bernafon Alpha XT and Alpha hearing aids to your clients. Its power bank offers 3 full recharging cycles of two hearing aids. The Charger Plus makes Bernafon's premium hearing aids even more attractive to users with an active lifestyle.

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New in the Oasisnxt fitting software

The “remember volume” feature saves and remembers the client’s preferred volume settings for their hearing aid programs. Rather than the client having to manually adjust their volume each time they switch on their hearing aids or change programs, the hearing aids return to the preferred volume settings automatically. The data from this feature also provides valuable insights into the user’s preferred volume in Data Logging.

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This blog is full of useful information for professionals. Get to know us better by reading our insights and personal opinions. Find content here that you won’t find elsewhere, and join in with your comments and questions.

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The benefits of a Bernafon login for professionals are many, including the ability to download the Oasisnxt fitting software, access to our training and support page, and to indepth product information for your professional practice.

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1 Preference based on a product questionnaire and SSQ12-C assessing the preference for Bernafon Alpha 9 of 19 Bernafon Viron 9 MNR T R users conducted in internal investigation in November 2020 (n=19, mean age=68, PTA=44dB HL).

2 EuroTrak multi-country survey on hearing aid usage published by EHIMA (https://www.ehima.com/surveys/) & internal survey on 2025 hearing aid users.

3 Speech Reception Threshold (GOSA) measured in a clinical investigation conducted in November 2020 with Viron 9 and Alpha 9 MNR T R devices (n=19, mean age=68, PTA=44 dB HL). 1.1 dB on a GOSA test corresponds to approx. 20% improvement in speech intelligibility.

Results are significant unless otherwise stated.