Oasisnxt fitting software

Meeting the first-fit challenge

When your clients are ready for their first fitting, or for fine-tuning, both the results and the experience matter. Oasisnxt fitting software is known for being easy to use, with all the right tools for an intuitive and straightforward fitting flow. You and your clients benefit from a unique fitting rationale designed to make the hearing aids more comfortable and the first fitting more acceptable to users.

What's new in Oasisnxt 24.1

Oasisnxt 24.1 release note

Your clients at the centre

Effective and outstanding fitting functionalities characterise Oasisnxt software.

Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT™)

ACT is a new diagnostic test to measure speech-in-noise ability in only two minutes. It is non-language specific, easy to administer, and generates a single value that is automatically imported into the Oasisnxt fitting software. This helps you personalise the level of noise management support to optimise speech understanding in noise.

Probe tube placement guide for REM

Use the placement guide to place the probe tube correctly in your clients’ ears. The guide will tell you visually when the positioning is optimal, ensuring more precise Real Ear Measurements.

Fit hearing aids while they’re charging

Now when clients arrive with their hearing aids low on power, you don’t need to cancel or delay the appointment. Simply put their hearing aids in a charger and continue to the fitting.

Monitoring client progress

Conversation Data tracks your client’s surrounding sound environment and level of participation in conversations over time. Giving you valuable counselling input to discuss their hearing journey.

Personalised sound

The Personalisation tool helps you optimise first fits. It assesses each client’s sound perceptions and preferences based on answers to key questions, for more individualised fittings.

Easier fine-tuning

The Fitting Assistant facilitates the fine-tuning process in the Oasisnxt fitting software. Fine-tuning prompts help you use the full potential of each feature.

Save time by transferring settings

Copy settings across from different hearing aid styles, families and technology levels with the Transfer Fitting feature - saving you time in your daily practice.

Convenient care with Remote Fitting

You and your clients get extra flexibility with Bernafon Remote Fitting. You can meet your clients face-to-face online to provide remote support and fine-tune fittings – while clients reach out from the comfort of home.

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