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Hearing aid users report on how Bernafon Alpha supports them in their everyday life. They share their experiences in various testimonials regarding their hearing aids. Read on to see how Alpha hearing aids help them to pursue their passions.

"I like the music program in Alpha best. It allows me to hear my instrument and the conductor better."

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"With Alpha, the noise drops out, but I can still understand the person speaking"

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"Alpha supports us throughout our travels around the globe"

Young at heart, free spirited, and curious to make new discoveries - the couple has plenty of stories to tell. From their time in the African wilderness, in Dino, their mobile home, to getting stuck in the desert in Morocco or visiting the most northern tip of Europe in Norway. A recent addition to their journey is the Bernafon Alpha hearing aids with Hybrid Technology™.

"Alpha opens up a whole new world of sounds to us, especially when camping in the wilderness. We now hear the many sounds from the nature around us and can enjoy the crackling of the campfire."

  • Rita Nigg, 68, first-time user

    "Getting used to my new Alpha hearing aids was easy. I could suddenly hear so much more, like the kids playing on the playground close by or the neighbours talking in the garden. And Jean Marc and I could finally agree on a suitable volume for the radio and TV. "

  • Jean Marc Nigg, 72, experienced user

    "I damaged my hearing during my work as a dive instructor. Being a social person, meeting and communicating with friends is important to me. When coming together in larger groups, at home or in a restaurant, I can now fully participate in discussions and interact more easily."

Mobile home of Bernafon Alpha hearing aid users off-roading in the desert with blue sky, a few white clouds and reddish sand

"When traveling, we spend a lot of time in our mobile home. The road is rough, the car is loud, and potentially anything can cross our path. Despite the noisy trips, with Alpha we can talk together comfortably and with less effort."

How Alpha convinced us

  • Illustration of thumbs up showing Hybrid Technology™ user benefits

    Practical in daily use as they are fully automatic and rechargeable.

  • Illustration of thumbs up showing Hybrid Technology™ user benefits

    Hearing a full array of sounds again in a natural way.

  • Illustration of thumbs up showing Hybrid Technology™ user benefits

    Better focus on conversation when meeting up in larger groups.

Why we recommend Alpha

We know we have a Rolls-Royce behind our ears. We have friends with hearing aids who complain that, for them, speech and noise sometimes get all jumbled together in busy situations. We don't have that. The Alpha hearing aids deliver what they promise. They help us to be more independent and follow through with our dream to travel the world.

"My Bernafon hearing aids help me capture precious moments on camera"

Passionate about the stories behind old objects and catching a moment in time on camera, Anton Riedo combines artistic flair with his curiosity to explore. His love for photography began at the age of 8 with his first camera. Since then, he did over 40 years of wedding photography and participated in and won numerous photography contests. Anton is fascinated by the stories that lost places tell, such as old car graveyards, and capturing moving animals on camera, such as birds, becomes much easier thanks to his Bernafon Alpha hearing aids with Hybrid Technology™.

"Catching birds on camera is difficult when you don't hear them. With Bernafon Alpha I can locate them in the trees and get my camera ready in time to take a picture."

Anton Riedo, 73, experienced user

"I have been wearing hearing aids for many years. I realised it was time to get a hearing aid when I didn't hear my colleagues asking questions during a work meeting. Hearing aids have evolved a lot in the past two decades. They sound real, how they are supposed to, and it's so easy to change between different programs or adjust the volume with the app. In general, I am a big fan of the connectivity aspect of Alpha. Streaming music or the sound from my TV, I can finally understand the people in the movies again."

"Wandering around old car graveyards or photographing Swiss ravines is adventurous and can also be a bit dangerous. With Alpha, I am more aware of my surroundings, and I can pursue my hobby with more self-assurance."

How Alpha convinced me

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    Interacting with people and understanding questions without having to ask them to repeat themselves.

  • Illustration of thumbs up showing Hybrid Technology™ user benefits

    Listening to and enjoying music again. Before, I didn't understand the lyrics anymore.

  • Illustration of thumbs up showing Hybrid Technology™ user benefits

    Sound is clear and my voice sounds natural, there is no artificial clatter or whistling.

Why I recommend Alpha

It is just not worth missing out on things because of a hearing loss. The best thing about Alpha is how it lets me interact with people and have interesting discussions with friends. It makes my life so much easier and I would not want to go without.

These testimonials represent the opinions of the concerned individuals only and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are not paid and may not be indicative of future performance or success of any individuals.

Bernafon Alpha XT hearing aids with next level Hybrid Technology™

Inspired by animals with exceptional hearing, the premium Alpha XT hearing aids feature Bernafon's latest advancements in hybrid processing. They optimally deliver natural sound with better speech understanding and improved listening comfort. Equipped with the new Hybrid Sound Care™ feature, they also protect from disturbing wind and contact noise.

Easy-to-use and rechargeable, Alpha XT hearing aids come with state-of-the-art wireless sound streaming technology and fit comfortably behind the ear.

Discover Alpha XT hearing aids

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