Bernafon True Stories

Virginie Delalande, lawyer, coach, and motivational speaker in France

We are all rich in our differences

Virginie is one of those people who can’t sit still – a conference speaker and a coach, she’s also the first lawyer with profound hearing loss to have passed the bar in France. Driven by passion and resolve, she encourages people to look past their limitations and find their true potential at work and in life. Her Bernafon hearing aids help her navigate through her busy days with ease and confidence.

All the decibels, all the performance.

Some users need all the power there is – and Bernafon hearing aids certainly don’t disappoint. With exceptional signal processing, they deliver a new level of awareness with sound perception that is as precise and clear as possible. Don’t hesitate to aim high.

Leading technology

Understanding speech helps us connect with the people that matter and lets us take part in those moments we don't want to miss out on. Combining the industry's leading hearing technologies with more than 75 years of company know-how, Bernafon hearing aids make sure speech and other important sounds are just as they should be. Because it's more than better hearing, it's what comes from it.

Stories from people with hearing loss

A man called Dietmar Ludewig working with his hands.

When communicating with clients and architects it is very important for me to understand what is being said. (…) thanks to Bernafon hearing aids, I can perceive what is being spoken again - normally.

Dietmar Ludewig

Independent craftsman, Switzerland

Alan Robinson Bernafon hearing aid user.

Wearing the Bernafon hearing aids I can hear the birds, the planes going over head - everything sounds so clear.

Alan Robinson

City councilor, England

A man called Jean François Bérard seen in profile.

Bit by bit, I’m hearing better and better, I’m well adapted to working in everyday life, and with people.

Jean-François Bérard

Head chef, France