Better hearing with Bernafon hearing aids

Better hearing with Bernafon hearing aids

Woman with strong side profile wearing Bernafon Alpha rechargeable hearing aids by drawing of lynx and hybrid technology logo

Bernafon Alpha is the first hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™

Inspired by the best, Bernafon Alpha unifies two outstanding technologies in one hybrid hearing system. It augments both speech understanding and listening comfort for best sound without compromise.

The easy-to-use rechargeable hearing aid with Bluetooth® streams sounds directly from many smartphones and other external devices.

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Why choose Bernafon hearing aids?

  • Clear and natural sound in complex situations
  • Optimal speech understanding in noise
  • Wireless connection to external audio sources


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Zerena in-the-ear hearing aids. Small in size. Big on everything else

  • Compact and almost invisible
  • Custom-made for secure fit and comfort
  • Audiological performance that keeps up with your lifestyle


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