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Bernafon hybrid hearing aid technology

Hybrid Technology™ - because two are better than one

Bernafon's latest and most advanced hearing aid technology consists of four hybrid processing blocks. Each of them combines two smoothly interacting counterparts, to effectively perform in countless listening situations.

  • Hybrid Noise Management™

    Smart Directionality is active in 24 individual bands and interacts smoothly with Smart Noise Reduction, optimized through machine learning.

  • Hybrid Balancing™

    Speech Balancer and Noise Balancer tune sound amplification in the presence or absence of speech.

  • Hybrid Sound Processing™

    Two parallel strategies process sound simultaneously in the time and frequency domains.

  • Hybrid Feedback Canceller™

    Two estimators eliminate feedback in static and dynamic conditions with up to 126,000 measurements per second.

User benefits

Hybrid Technology™ provides best sound without compromise.

  • Cleaner speech signal while preserving natural environmental sounds

  • Balanced speech audibility and listening comfort

  • Uncompromised speech intelligibility and sound quality

  • Effective feedback protection

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Bernafon Alpha is the first hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™

The new premium hearing aid performs effectively to deliver best sound without compromise. It is easy-to-use, rechargeable, and comes with Bernafon's latest wireless sound streaming technology.

Discover Alpha hearing aids

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