• Release overview

    Please have a look at the newest version of our fitting software Oasisnxt


    Oasisnxt 2019.2



    Oasisnxt 2019.2 supports the new Leox 7|3 product family and the new features related to it (configurable VC step size and the bimodal fitting instructions). It also includes updates to IMC2 & Verifit®LINK and updates to volume control & push button settings.

    Oasisnxt 2019.2 will be available on USB flash media, by download, and via your Oasis updater.


    Oasisnxt 2019.1.1 SP1



    Oasisnxt 2019.1.1 SP1 is a patch on Oasisnxt 2019.1.1, which contains a fix to a minor defect, related to the "battery end of life" function and an improved warning behavior in the detection flow for Power BTEs.

    The patch has been delivered through the Oasis updater, beginning of week 19/2019, to all users. If you are not using the Oasis updater, you can download the patch from our Oasisnxt download site. Please log in for download at the top of this page.

    For more information, please contact your local Oasisnxt support.


    Oasisnxt 2019.1
    Oasisnxt 2019.1.1



    Oasisnxt 2019.1 supports the new Viron 9|7|5 product family with fitting features, including battery handling and indicator options for the rechargeable miniRITE T R style.

    Extensions to the Transfer Fitting function.

    Oasisnxt 2019.1 will be available on USB flash media, by download, and also via your Oasis updater.

    Oasisnxt 2019.1.1 is the latest patch on Oasis 2019.1, which contains some minor updates. The download link on this website includes this patch.


    Oasisnxt 2018.2


    Zerena family extension: Zerena 3|1 and in-the-ear hearing instruments for all performance categories.
    Transfer Fitting for Oasisnxt.
    REMfit is now IMC2 certified and supports all IMC2 certified REM modules. Additional AutoFit also supports Audioscan Verifit 1 and 2.
    Updated print functionality: Quick guides for hearing instruments, SoundClip-A and Tinnitus SoundSupport.
    A minor update of Oasis 26.2 also comes with Oasisnxt 2018.2 (no new features, no new products).
    Oasisnxt 2018.2 will be available on USB flash media, by download, and also via your Oasis updater.


    Oasisnxt 2017.2


    Supports SoundClip-A, new "made for all phones" 2.4 GHz connectivity device. In-situ Audiometry is now available for Zerena 9/7/5 products.
    New print functionality: The Hearing Instrument Settings Report can be generated as PDF, which can be saved locally or sent as an attachment by email.
    Support of Fast Data View in Noah 4.7: the Hearing Instrument Settings Report can be opened directly from Noah without opening Oasisnxt.
    NOAHlink Wireless: Oasisnxt supports the new wireless programming interface from HIMSA.
    A minor update of Oasis 26.0 also comes with Oasisnxt 2017.2 (no new features, no new products).

    Oasisnxt 2017.2 will be available on USB flash media, by download, and (new!) also via your Oasis updater (click the Oasis Updater icon in your Windows® task bar).


    Oasisnxt 2017.1


    Zerena 9|7|5: Bernafon's brand new product family including the new miniRITE, miniRITE T, and BTE 105 hearing instrument styles.
    FittingLINK 3.0: compatibility to all Zerena styles (and backwards compatible with the FittingLINK neck loop).
    Oasisnxt is presented in a completely new design and with new controls.


    Oasis 25.0


    Use Oasis 25.0 to fit your clients with Bernafon Juna 9|7, Saphira 5|3, Nevara 1, Supremia 7|3 and other legacy product families.
    Installation happens automatically together with Oasisnxt. Regarding fitting functionality, there is no difference to Oasis 24.0.
    After the installation of Oasis 25.0, you will see the Noah icon in a new design.


    Oasis 24.0


    Juna 9 and Saphira 5: IICx is a wireless style, which can be paired with SoundGate.
    The new 105-Speaker is now available for Pico RITE in all three families (Juna, Saphira and Nevara).
    Together with Oasis 24.0, SoundStudio , a new Sound Player tool for fitting and verification will be released. SoundStudio will be delivered in a separate DVD package.


    Oasis 23.0


    Nevara 1:  Availabilty of Pico RITE style
    Nevara 1:  SoundGate compatibility
    BeFlex:  SoundGate compatibility across all categories
    miniFit acoustic options for all BTE styles
    Updated Transfer Fitting functionality


    Oasis 22.0


    Nevara 1:  new hearing instrument product family


    Oasis 21.0


    Saphira 5 | 3:  new hearing instrument product families
    Supremia 7 | 3:  new Super Power hearing instrument styles
    Updated Frequency Composition™ functionality for Supremia 7
    LED visual indicators fron Supremia 7 | 3
    FittingLINK:  compatibility to all wireless products


    Oasis 20.0


    Juna 9 | 7:  new hearing instrument families
    Transfer Fitting
    Extensions to the DSL 5.0 fitting rationale
    Extensions to the “Program assignment” functionality
    Extensions to the “Reset Program” functionality
    REM settings tool
    Sound Player

  • System requirements

    Should you encounter a problem either during installation or during operation, please verify that both your PC and your software meet the system requirements listed below:

    Operating System

    Microsoft Windows® 10 (32/64bit), all editions except ARM platform
    and Windows® 10 S
    Microsoft Windows® 8 (32/64 bit) all editions except RT
    Microsoft Windows® 7 (32/64 bit), all editions


    Noah 4 (minimum)

    Noah based Office systems must be HIMSA certified


    Minimum Required



    1 GHz minimum, 2GHz recommended


    4 GB or more

    Free Hard
    Disk Space

    8 GB minimum


    1280 x 1204 pixels


    USB 2.0 for FittingLink 3.0


    For Soundstudio:
    5.1 surround sound card with 5.1 speaker system recommended
    (subwoofer channel is not supported)

    Installation of Oasisnxt software on computers that do not meet specific system requirements noted above may result in system failures.


  • Support

    Should you require assistance with your fitting software, please contact your local technical support, use the link below to find your local support contact. Prior to making contact, ensure that you have the following information at hand:

    Oasisnxt or Oasis version
    The operating system you are using and the service pack installed
    The hearing aids you are trying to fit
    The interface (FittingLINK 3.0, HiPro, NOAHlink, etc.) you are using


    Hotline Contact



    Hotline: 0 1698 28 59 68



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