Freedom with hands-free communication with Bernafon Alpha

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Communicating with someone on the phone has been a challenge for many hearing aids users. Before the introduction of direct streaming, users had to work to find the ‘sweet spot’ between their hearing aids and phone that would provide the optimal signal for listening and speaking. Then came the advancement of streaming a phone conversation directly to the user’s hearing aids. The user was only required to hold the phone to utilize the microphone to speak to the caller. And now, Bernafon takes the next step in technological advancement to bring users the new hands-free communication with Bernafon Alpha.

What is hands-free communication?

Hands-free communication is bi-directional streaming that uses Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology. This technology allows for efficient bi-directional streaming while conserving battery as compared to standard Bluetooth technology. This hands-free communication is utilized by Apple in their most recent iOS15/iPadOS15 software update release. Although direct streaming was already available via compatible phones, the user was required to use the phone microphone for the caller to hear them. Now, with bi-directional streaming, the users can stream the phone call as before but now their voice is picked up by the hearing aid microphones and streamed back to their iPhone or iPad1. There is no longer a need to hold the device in their hands, leaving their hands free for other tasks or simply to relax without having to hold it. Hands-free communication offers more efficient battery management with the convenience of hands-free functionality.


What does hands-free communication mean for the user?

It means the freedom to communicate through their hearing aids without the need to hold their iPhone or iPad. It means the freedom to go out and do activities such as shopping, running, driving, or cooking, all with two hands while talking to their family, friends, or colleagues. Hands-free communication offers users the freedom to communicate and connect to those around them more easily.

Hands-free communication without iPhone

No iPhone? Don’t worry, hands-free communication is still within the reach of our users. Even if your phone is not compatible with the direct hands-free communication feature, you can still enjoy the benefit of hands-free communication. By using the Bernafon SoundClip-A as an intermediary, it can connect to your phone and hearing aids. The SoundClip-A streams the conversation from the phone to your hearing aids and the microphone picks up the user’s voice and streams it back to the phone. Simply attach the SoundClip-A to the front of your clothing and enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication.


Bernafon Alpha brings you the next advancement in hearing communication with our new hands-free communication technology. To learn more, visit our accessories page.

1 Apple, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries


About the author:

Barbara Simon
Barbara Simon
Doctor of Audiology, University of Texas, Dallas

Barbara is a clinical research audiologist at Bernafon. She contributes to various aspects of the development process including running clinical trials and usability testing to validate the end product before it’s released to the market. Before coming to work for Bernafon in 2012, she worked as a clinical audiologist in the United States treating patients with hearing and balance disorders. In her private time, Barbara enjoys hiking, running races, baking, and spending time with family.