Interview with one of our Bernafon partners in India

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Recently, our Bernafon distributor for India organized a very successful product launch at the Indian speech and hearing congress called ISHACON at which Bernafon had an impressive booth. During the congress, we also delivered training and a scientific speech about our new products and technology.



During this congress, I had the opportunity of interviewing one of our long-standing, much respected Bernafon partners, Mr. Amit Dhir about hearing aid business in India.

  1. How long have you worked with Bernafon?
  2. We have worked with Bernafon now for over 15 years.

  3. What do you like most about working with Bernafon people and products?
  4. We enjoy the honesty, loyalty and humbleness of Bernafon people, and the products are very sturdy with unique ChannelFreeTM technology.

  5. What makes working in the market in India unique?
  6. Each state in India is unique with different demographics, cultures, and mentalities.

  7. What are the biggest challenges in the hearing aid industry?
  8. Marketing hearing aids, a lack of awareness amongst customers and potential customers, along with limited dispensers.

  9. What do you wish for the future in the hearing aid industry?
  10. Help and support from the manufacturer to expand the market and to have technologically advanced products to increase satisfaction rates.

  11. If you could give advice to someone new to the industry, what would it be?
  12. Work on the fundamentals of business so one can sustain for the long-term, and, learn to handle customers who may want you to skip parts of the process.

  13. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  14. I enjoy trying to explore my potential and work on the fundamentals of life. I also love to play with animals.


About the author:

Stefan Schafroth
Stefan Schafroth
Stefan has worked for Bernafon since 2002, always as an Area Sales Manager, responsible for partnerships with distributors in markets in the near and Middle East and South Asia. What he enjoys most about his work is how international and multicultural it is, and the friendships he has made. Besides work, Stefan enjoys all kinds of sports including his daily bicycle ride to the office and spending time with friends.