Benefits of True Environment Processing™

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As hearing care professionals (HCPs), we want to provide our clients with the best hearing aid fitting possible. A well fitted hearing instrument can help improve their ability to hear and understand conversations and sounds around them. In the end, we want to make their lives better through better hearing. The question we have to ask our clients is, “did we succeed”?

Hearing instruments are proven to optimize speech understanding, but users continue to report problems with speech in noise and often report that the sound is not natural. To our users, we have heard you!

Bernafon introduces Viron, the first True Environment Processing hearing instrument in the industry. This is our answer to providing users with a solution that improves speech understanding in noisy and dynamic listening environments and that makes everyday situations sound more natural and real to them.

With real-time processing, True Environment Processing hearing instruments can capture the details of the listening environment making sound clearer, more natural and real to the user. It is like visually looking at the two photos below. The picture on the left was taken with a professional camera and the right-hand photo with a standard camera. The professional camera captures the dynamic moment in real time from the details of the kingfisher’s wing beat to the single water drops. In comparison, the standard camera lacks the same clarity and brilliance as the professional picture. Like the professional photo, Viron provides more details and more clarity so the user can hear sounds simply closer to reality.


Viron’s new powerful chip allows for sound detection and processing in real time. The True Environment Processing hearing instrument continuously analyzes the listening environment at 32,000 data points per second. That means each of Viron’s 16 bands are being updated 500 times/second. For each second, Viron measures more than just the sound level. Viron measures speech and noise levels separately and evaluates both the short- and long-term signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This allows the system to provide more audibility to speech while keeping noise to a minimum.

True Environment Processing is essential as it lets users focus on hearing what’s important to them, while keeping the natural sound picture. This ultimately lets them benefit from sound simply closer to reality.

Viron is Bernafon’s first True Environment Processing hearing instrument. If you want to know more about our latest innovation, please visit


About the author:

Barbara Simon
Barbara Simon
Doctor of Audiology, University of Texas, Dallas

Barbara is a clinical research audiologist at Bernafon. She contributes to various aspects of the development process including running clinical trials and usability testing to validate the end product before it’s released to the market. Before coming to work for Bernafon in 2012, she worked as a clinical audiologist in the United States treating patients with hearing and balance disorders. In her private time, Barbara enjoys hiking, running races, baking, and spending time with family.