“Life is an adventure”: Your own customized video to get more clients

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You’ve never met them, never talked to them, but your next clients are already looking you up online. While in the past they would just walk up to the first practice they see and go from there, today they often research, compare, and weigh in their options before reaching out. The advantage is that when they do push through the door, it’s because they already see you as a possible solution provider. They’re already a few steps into the decision process.

To make it to that point, you need more than clinical knowledge and an attractive range of products. You need visibility in the places prospective clients increasingly go to gather information -- online. With our new customizable “Life is an adventure” video, we’re giving you a quick and easy reason to update your website and show your audience just how professional, relevant, and different your practice is.

Who is this video targeting?

With “Life is an adventure,” we help you reach those people who are at the beginning of the end-user journey. They collect basic information on hearing loss and product options but have yet to get in touch with an HCP for professional guidance. With only 1 in 4 people with hearing difficulties wearing a hearing aid, targeting this audience represents a massive growth opportunity for your practice.

What does this video want viewers to do?

Because it is addressing an audience who is not ready to make a buying decision, “Life is an adventure” does not deep-dive into product specifics. Instead it tells a bold, positive and inspiring story to position your practice as an attractive and credible solution to look into. Other than viewing, sharing, and engaging with the video, viewers are encouraged to make the first step toward better hearing and get in contact with you.

How do I go about getting my customized video?

To order your free customized “Life is an adventure” video, get in touch with your local Bernafon representative. We’ll help you craft a short message to get your viewers to take action – like “Contact us today for a free hearing test” – and combine it with your practice’s logo and contact details. You’ll receive your own “Life is an adventure” video within 10 days in your local language, where available.

What do I do with this video?

This video is a tool for your practice to expand your reach and get more people in. We encourage you to publish it on your online platforms – website, social media – and in your waiting room. Grab this opportunity and get in contact with us today.


About the author:

Alwynn Gilgen
Alwynn Gilgen
Alwynn is a project leader at Bernafon currently working on a variety of brand communications initiatives. A Minnesota university graduate, with professional background on both the agency and client sides, he has honed his marketing skills since coming to Bernafon in the fall of 2017. In his free time, Alwynn enjoys reading his history books, traveling, and hiking the trails of the Jura.