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This blog will focus on subjects of interest to hearing care professionals, with useful information on topics in audiology, our products, and technical support. Our blog posts will be written sometimes by external opinion leaders, but mostly by internal experts: Bernafon Audiologists, Engineers, and Marketing professionals. Get to know us better by reading our insights and personal opinions. Find content here that you won’t find elsewhere, in an easy-to-read format and easily digestible pieces. And, allow us to get to know you better through your comments and questions. We encourage you to join in with your experiences with Bernafon technology and products.

Our first blog post is written by Neil Hockley, Team Leader Product Management Audiology. If you’ve ever wondered where ideas come from in hearing aid development, or if you’re intrigued about our newest product Zerena, it’s worth reading. Neil’s blog post illustrates nicely the shift in our technology from adaptive to dynamic features.
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About the author:

Bruno Keller
Bruno Keller, BSc
Bruno is a member of the Global Management Team, Senior Director of Marketing & Channel Support at Bernafon. He has worked for Bernafon since 2000 with responsibilities in product management, marketing, audiology, training, and has handled Bernafon key accounts worldwide. When he’s not at work, you can find him on the ski slopes or hiking in the Swiss Alps.