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At Bernafon, our partners mean a lot to us. Every year, the Bernafon International Sales Team visits and organizes meetings for our distributors in different regions to come together, to network, and to learn more about our technology and products. Getting to know them better and the challenges they face in their markets, and supporting them in their business, is our ongoing priority in the Sales Team.

Recently, Bernafon organized a very successful regional distributors’ meeting in Muscat, for 18 people from 8 different countries, many of them being emerging markets. Day 1 was all about Zerena and day 2 was all about Oasisnxt and wireless connectivity. Finally, we did some hands-on software training in which we converted our theoretical knowledge into practice. This time together gave participants the confidence they need moving forward in their respective markets.

While we were together, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our long-standing, much respected Bernafon partners, Dr. Esam Khalil, about hearing aid business in Dubai.

Dr. Esam Khalil, Bernafon Audiology Center, Dubai
Working in the hearing aid industry is a challenge; it is a great career and always growing, but with you it will grow more.


  1. How long have you worked with Bernafon?
    I have been working for Bernafon since 1995, about 22 years.

  3. You recently attended the Bernafon Regional Distributors’ Conference in Muscat, what was your impression of this event?
    It was fantastic; we stayed in a nice city, and a nice hotel. We got a lot of valuable information about Zerena. It was a great opportunity to meet with our regional colleagues and the Bernafon Team.

  5. What do you like most about working with Bernafon people and products?
    I feel like I’m working with my close friends, the soul of the family. Good products with good support.

  7. What makes working in the UAE market unique?
    It is a small city that is growing, with more than 150 nationalities and a small national population. So we are competing with all companies for a small UAE national market and for the expat market, within which we need different strategies for different ways of thinking.

  9. What do you hope will happen in the future in our industry?
    Smaller & smaller hearing aids; it might become like contact lenses for the eyes.

  11. If you could give advice to someone new to the industry, what would it be?
    Working in the hearing aid industry is a challenge; it is a great career and always growing, but with you it will grow more.

  13. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    I like to go for excursions and activities with my family.


Many thanks Dr. Esam for your participation, insights, and contribution to the industry. We wish you much success and all the best.


About the author:

Stefan Schafroth
Stefan Schafroth
Stefan has worked for Bernafon since 2002, always as an Area Sales Manager, responsible for partnerships with distributors in markets in the near and Middle East and South Asia. What he enjoys most about his work is how international and multicultural it is, and the friendships he has made. Besides work, Stefan enjoys all kinds of sports including his daily bicycle ride to the office and spending time with friends.